Accounting & Audits

Accounting services and audits are the foundation for understanding the right level of assurance for each client’s situation. Watkins CPA goes beyond the basic accounting services and looks for the details in each situation through impartial audits, reviews and compilations. We believe that this level of detail allows us to help you make the best financial decisions and provide you with the most accurate information to help grow your business.

Audit Services

Our audit services are based on our strong commitment to professional standards and integrity. The goal of each audit is to express an opinion on the fair presentation of the financial position of the client.

Compilation Services

We compile financial statements from your information in accordance with professional standards. Watkins CPA does not express opinion about the underlying financial information.

Review Services

We review financial statements by performing analytical procedures and making the necessary inquiries of management. Our review report expresses limited assurance that there are no material modifications that should be made to the financial statements in order for them to conform to generally accepted accounting principles.


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